Victim advisors
Victim advisors usually work on a voluntary or employed basis within victim support organisations.
Depending on their qualifications, they assist and advise crime victims and help them deal with formalities. When they accompany victims to the police, authorities or other hearings, they act as trusted persons.
Psychosocial victim advocates

Psychosocial victim advocates prepare the victim and relatives for the emotional stress of the proceedings and accompany them to hearings during the investigations and the trial. Primarily, psychosocial victim advocates help victims cope with fears, anxieties, grief or anger.
Psychosocial victim advocates act as the interface between victims, legal victim advocates and the judicial authorities.

Psychosocial victim advocates are affiliated to victim help organisations and/or counselling centres.

To qualify, they must have basic psychosocial education (social work, psychotherapy, social pedagogy, or an equivalent higher education), 2 years of professional practice, a general knowledge of the law and a legal understanding.