4 useful hints for victims of crime
family and good friends
Where possible, talk to members of your family or good friends about what has happened to you. Sometimes it may be difficult and stressful to talk about the crime. However, it may help you if you open up to somebody who is close to you.
Contact a support organisation
If you had rather talk to someone outside your family or circle of friends, do get professional help.
Should your situation take a turn for the worse, please get medical attention or contact the nearest victim support organisation.
Talk about how you feel
Sometimes it may be helpful to explain to persons who are close to you what has happened and what impact this has had on you. Frequently this will also make the people around you respond to you in a more understanding and sensitive manner.
DO NOT forget:
Try to keep in mind that the stress and strain caused to you by the crime will subside over time. In many cases, people who were victims of a crime will recover after some time and return to their normal lives.