I am in danger of becoming
a crime victim: How should I react?

There are different types of crimes you can fall victim to: Someone might steal from you, harass you, threaten you with violence, blackmail you, break into your apartment or destroy your property, someone might injure or sexually abuse you.

If you find yourself in a situation like this and need help, call the police. Dial 133 to reach the police emergency line 24/7. Persons who are hearing-impaired or hard of hearing can use the number 0800 133 133 to fax or text their call for help to the police.

When making an emergency call, please try to keep the following in mind: Try to remain calm and speak clearly, even if this might be difficult in some situations. Remember to give your name and telephone number and to indicate where exactly you need help. Explain briefly what has happened so the police officer at the other end of the line can assess the situation and decide how many officers will need to be deployed to actually assist you.

Please remember not to end the call or hang up before the person at the other end of the line tells you to do so.

Once you have made the call, the police are under an obligation to immediately come to your assistance, assess the risk or danger and to take all reasonable measures to get you out of the dangerous situation you are in and to protect you from violence.

Once you are safe again, the police will take different steps, depending on the given situation. It is beyond the scope of this information website to exhaustively cover this topic.

If a criminal offence has occurred, the police must, in any case, record your complaint. At this stage, the police do not need to know who the offender is. The complaint may also be filed against “unknown offenders”.

Where necessary, the policy will arrest someone who behaves violently or order them to leave a certain location (“out-of-bounds order”). In cases of domestic violence, it is also possible to order a violent person or a person threatening violence to leave the premises and to issue a prohibition for them to enter or return to the premises. In this context, it does not matter who the owner or tenant of the premises is.

If you want to find out how you can make your immediate private surroundings “safer” or how to better protect yourself against potential dangers, you can turn to the Federal Criminal Police’s crime prevention service and advice centres or call 0800 21 63 46.

For more information, call the victim helpline at 0800 112 112, the central point of call for victims of crime in Austria, which is available around the clock on 365 days a year.